“In order to facilitate a healing which is both deep and lasting, we must not only consider the mental, physical and spiritual realms but look beyond them to address the needs of each individual Soul.” (Jan Rupp)

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Jan Rupp

Jan Rupp is an ordained minister and a certified practitioner of the Systemic Constellation work of Bert Hellinger.

Widely respected for her work in the field of trauma, Jan frequently draws from her Systemic Constellation training to further illuminate the dynamics and repercussions of PTSD and other trauma-related issues.

She has maintained a healing practice in Boulder, Colorado for over 30 years that is tailored to address the mind, body and soul experience of each individual client.

Trained in a variety of both traditional and evolving healing modalities that emphasize intergenerational relationships, Jan’s synergistic approach integrates indigenous healing techniques, such as herbal medicine, color and sound healing, with astrology, iridology and the philosophy of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine.)

Co-author of “The 5-Minute Healer: Self-Healing Techniques for Busy People“, Jan Rupp is also the founder of the White Crane Healing Collaborative.

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“In a time when many authors proffer shamanistic knowledge, Jan Rupp knows of this terrain firsthand.  A healer of the highest integrity, Jan’s deep knowing is of rare value to those desiring soul nurturance.”

Peter A. Levine, Ph.D – author of “Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma”

“I have the great privilege of knowing Jan Rupp’s work personally.  I have found her depth of knowledge in a vast number of modalities to be extremely effective.  She has so many windows of wisdom to look through that it is guaranteed to lead to clarity and clear course of action.”

Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D – author of “Crash Course: A Self-Healing Guide to Auto Accident Trauma and Recovery”

“When I look at Jan, I see a modern Johnny Appleseed, only in her case the seeds are of love, and the saplings springing up behind her are bearing fruits of trust, beauty, courage and commitment.”

Kate Fotopoulos, CMT, former Interim Director and faculty member of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy

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“There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul;
we search for its outlines all our lives.”

(Josephine Hart)

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