Jan Rupp - Boulder, COJan Rupp has been on a journey of consciousness and healing most of her life, an exploration precipitated by a series of life-altering events that took place in her childhood.

Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jan’s initial introduction to the sacred mysteries took place in in a neighborhood known as Little Lithuania which was largely populated by eastern European immigrants displaced by the war and an area where the Catholic Church was, for many, the center of spiritual fortitude.

As a seven-year-old girl, she found herself at the local church assuming responsibilities normally relegated to altar boys. While conducting her solitary chores in the maintenance of church and altar, she recalls being prompted by an inner voice that informed her “God is not just in the tabernacle, the chalice or the monstrance but within the heart and the essence of all beings.” She was then instructed that her Life’s purpose was to hold hands with like-minded others and bring this understanding to the rest of humanity. Taking the instruction to heart, Jan embarked upon a journey of discovery that still continues today.

Over time she has immersed herself in the study of ancient traditions, received training in numerous disciplines from teachers around the world, many of whom are prominent leaders in their respective fields, and been initiated into various indigenous traditions throughout Europe and the Americas.

In her quest to weave the common thread that unites us all, Jan combines a broad understanding of diverse cultural and belief systems with an extensive knowledge of healing techniques, both mainstream and esoteric, that she has studied over the past 30 years. A dedicated caretaker of the Soul, she continues to uphold ancient teachings that still hold truth today, even as we become denizens of the 21st century, and she remains committed to the ministration of health and well-being for all.

Jan Rupp has maintained a healing practice in Boulder, Colorado for over 30 years.  Co-author of the book “The 5-Minute Healer: Self-Healing Techniques for Busy People“, she is also the founder of the White Crane Healing Collaborative.

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Barbara Rollinson Tribute

“Sacred Activism is the “passion” of compassion and love in action on every level, in every realm, to change the world. There is a way to be a conscious creator with God in this stupendous birth of the divine human taking place through the chaos of our time. We must turn our whole being to God in praise and longing so our actions are illuminated, guided and and energized by divine light.”

(Andrew Harvey)

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