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Nanette Furman – Ritualist and Diviner

Nanette FurmanNanette and Jan met while attending a course in Astrology and soon found a resonance in many facets of their work. They have been fast friends ever since.

Nanette practices various forms of divination, including Tarot and Ifa-based cowrie readings, while providing her clients with personalized ritual recommendations and energetic solutions.

In addition to her 40 years of metaphysical studies, Nanette has raised four children and, as of 2010, is celebrating 35 years in partnership with her husband.

She has been the president of a comic-book distribution company and is now helping her oldest daughter run a small organic farm outside of Boulder.

Nanette is available for consultations or instruction in divination, ritual construction and other energy manipulations.

She can be reached at nfurman@gmail.com for readings or  inquiries regarding her work.

More information about Nanette’s work can be found on her web site at www.earthdragonemporium.com


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Melody Daniels – Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

Melody DanielsJan and Melody first crossed paths in 2005 at a house blessing ceremony in Boulder, CO.  Since then they have maintained a close friendship and been frequent collaborators.

Melody is a certified energy therapist.  Over the past 30 years she has studied numerous disciplines, all of which are designed to promote balance and increase energy.

She maintains a practice called Fusion Restoratives that emphasizes balance of mind, body and Spirit through the unification of indigenous healing traditions, kinesiology, reiki, sound healing, aromatherapy, acupressure/shiatsu, reflexology, massage and nutritional counseling.

In addition to her energy medicine practice, Melody is a multicultural artist, an accomplished singer-songwriter, a writer, editor, web designer and photographer.

Currently based in Southern California, Melody can be reached at www.fusionrestoratives.com


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